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Quote1 Just to be clear. You're telling me we're an untested team -- composed of several members who've barely even used their genetic powers -- flying off to battle an entire nation of hostile mutants led by the most powerful and ruthless mutant on the planet? ... You realize we're all going to die, of course? Quote2

Appearing in "Eve of Destruction – Part Two: A Call to Arms"

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Synopsis for "Eve of Destruction – Part Two: A Call to Arms"

Amelia Voght watches as her former lover Charles Xavier is chained on display by Magneto as he rallies his mutant troops for the coming war with humankind and realizes she must act. Meanwhile, Cyclops comforts human refugees in a sub-basement beneath the streets of Genosha. Logan finds this disconcerting given Scott's otherwise stoical nature; he confides to Polaris his concerns that Cyclops may have been changed by his experience bonding with Apocalypse and that he may be too unreserved in combat.

Polaris dismisses these concerns and the three resolve to find Magneto after escorting the refugees through the sewers to the coast, where Wakanda has agreed to open its borders to humans who have not yet escaped. Polaris decides to remain with the sick and dying until Wolverine and Cyclops give the word after clearing the sewers to the coast.

Later in the sewers, Wolverine detects the Blob and Random around a corner; Cyclops uses the ricochet of his blast to knock them unconscious. Wolverine is further concerned by Cyclops “showing off” and asks Cyclops about these changes and his condition after his brush with Apocalypse. Cyclops shrugs this off just before reaching the rendezvous point, where a unit of the Homo Sapiens Liberation Army are lying in wait.

They claim that while they appreciate the effort Cyclops and Logan are making for the other humans, they run too much risk of being captured for the benefit of the injured and dying. Cyclops fires several warning shots, breaking many of the team's weapons in the process, at which point they surrender. Meanwhile, Jean Grey and the six new X-Men she has gathered to fly the Blackbird to Genosha take off; Northstar expresses his severe doubts as to their capabilities.

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