Quote1.png Oh, please, Rogue. I'm certain you barely acknowledged her in life. In fact, I'm willing to bet you didn't even know her name, do you? Quote2.png
-- Black Tom Cassidy

Appearing in "Heroes and Villains (Part Four: Full Circle)"

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Synopsis for "Heroes and Villains (Part Four: Full Circle)"

Icarus saves Mindee and Gambit from Exodus at the last minute. Meanwhile Black Tom kills a mutant chef at the school, and laughs when Rogue didnt even know her name. Northstar did, however, and attacks Black Tom. Juggernuat fights off the rest of the Brotherhood until he finds Tom. Mindee then mind wipes the Brotherhood members, Nocturne and Juggernaut hold them back, and Xorn opens his helmet sucking the Brotherhood, along with Juggernaut and Nocturne into his black hole. Wolverine claims to finish off Sabretooth, and Anne and Carter are visited by something strange.


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  1. The unidentified being was originally intended to be Cassandra Nova by writer Chuck Austen, but this was his last issue as writer, and she would later be used in Astonishing X-Men. The story for what this has not been touched upon so far, as Anne and Carter have not appeared since this issue.

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