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Quote1.png Val... the thing with.. with my powers... I don't want anyone else knowing they're gone. Quote2.png
Lorna Dane

Appearing in "House Arrest (Part 2): The Transmogrification of Robert Drake"

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Synopsis for "House Arrest (Part 2): The Transmogrification of Robert Drake"

Alex, assuming Lorna to have been killed by the sentinels, charges forward. Scott tries to stop him, and they have a brief argument. Emma (from Cerebro) reiterates that the sentinels are human, and we are shown the inside cockpit of a sentinel, where the pilot has a comms conversation with another pilot, who denies his request for permission to "liquidate" the Summers brothers and tells him to back off.

Lorna tells Valerie that she doesn't want the others to know about her lost powers, saying she feels that she may be psychologically blocked and not outright depowered. Valerie tells the pilots to stop firing.

We are briefly shown an archaeological dig site in Akaba, Egypt, where an archaeologist falls into a dark hole.

Back at the mansion, a O.N.E. foot soldier questions Bobby in the woods, suspecting him of being a Human League member; Bobby elbows him in the face and runs.

Lorna explains to the X-Men that the sentinels have been sent to the mansion as protection and, despite Scott's insistence that they leave, Sentinel Squad is staying.

In the woods, the Leper Queen states that taking the mansion would make a big statement, as it is 'their spiritual home', and the two Human League members discuss whether or not the mutants kidnap human babies.

Aboard a NASA observation satellite, Gazer and the Phantom Torso discuss Gazer's loss of powers and the likelihood of his getting radiation poisoning due to that fact. Gazer looks through a telescope and sees something we aren't directly shown.

Leper Queen calls an attack, and the X-Men are forced to rely on the Sentinel Squad for protection. Bobby is captured by the Human League, and as Leper Queen prepares to execute him his powers return, freezing her arm and saving him.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:
    • Decimation: X-Men - The Day After TPB #1
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