Quote1 You're a mutant, you don't deserve to live! Quote2
-- Leper Queen

Appearing in "What Lorna Saw (Part 2): The Leper Queen"

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Synopsis for "What Lorna Saw (Part 2): The Leper Queen"

In Akaba, Apocalypse awakens due to the massive surge of power on M-Day. On the satellite, Gazer puts on a space suit, preferring to die outside rather than in. In Costa Rica, Lorna is convinced that Daap is slowly returning her powers, though Alex is certain she is still depowered. An Apocalypse-faced Sphynx materializes in the jungle. Nearby, Leper Queen cuts through the jungle, telling her story to a Human League member: her daughter, a mutant, caused the fire that took her life and scarred Leper Queen. She blames a different mutant for infecting her daughter in utero, which set her on the path to cleanse the earth of mutants. She shows the member her face and, by her own strict code, is forced to kill him.

Daap knocks Alex unconscious by throwing him into a tree. Lorna, who can understand Daap, admits that she is smitten with it and does not want to be forced to choose between Daap and her friends.

Mystique reports to the Institute, ostensibly to lend a hand but in actuality to try to set Rogue up with her protege, Pulse.

In Costa Rica, Leper Queen attacks Lorna, Alex apparently explodes Daap, and the green slime leftover flies off with the two women.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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