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Quote1.png Ah'm giving you one last chance to surrender, sugah. After that, it could get ugly. Quote2.png
-- Rogue

Appearing in "Supernovas Part Six"

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Synopsis for "Supernovas Part Six"

In his lab, Hank McCoy is pondering the scientific mystery of a walking dead man. He walked up to the gates of the Xavier Mansion and flopped dead in front of the O*N*E guards, but according to their reports and a brief autopsy, this man has been dead for days... and something has grown, post-mortem, in his brain. Before he can research further, however, a psychic alarm sounds, summoning him and the rest of the X-Men to the lawn.

There, Emma Frost lays out their problem: the Conquistador, the home of the Children of the Vault, is hovering above the mansion, its intentions unknown. The Sentinel Squad tries to investigate the ship, but the ship has defensive technology which grounds them.

On the ship, a captured squad of X-Men are facing a monologue. Sangre, the leader of the Children of the Vault, is explaining that his group was founded by scientists to replace humanity in the wake of a catastrophe. but, the energies released on M-Day breached their walls, and they have decided that the world is so fallen, and the mutants so rare, that they will simply kill all the mutants and humans and start their destiny right now. As almost all the mutants live in the Xavier Mansion now, they can begin their goal by destroying the mansion.

At Serafina's command, the ship's weapons cycle. Sangre asks Rogue if she wants to watch her friends die - but is distracted by the explosion of a crucial piece of equipment. Mystique, who had been pretending to be Cable to cover for him, reverts to her normal form and starts shooting Sangre. Enraged, he signals to the rest of the Children of the Vault to kill the prisoners, knowing that with the infrastructure destroyed, their powers will run out with the batteries in their suits.

Serafina co-opts the technology of Karima Shapandar, only to be ambushed by Sabretooth - just before she activated the Nano-Sentinels in his blood, causing him intense pain.

In a room of the ship, Fuego & Aguja see Lady Mastermind and engulf her in fire. From behind a cupboard, Lady Mastermind brags about tricking them with her illusion powers - and then alters Fuego's perception, to see Aguja as Cable. Fuego burns Aguja alive, as Lady Mastermind walks away.

On the deck, Cannonball confronts Serafina. She mocks him, saying that the relationship she made him hallucinate, of her as "Sarah", of their marriage and their two children, was a lie lasting twenty minutes, and the only reason he will not strike is his own sentimentality. Cannonball considers this, grits his teeth, and barrels into her at full speed, flying around the ship before leaving her unconscious in a crater.

Fuego, having made his way to the surface, is fighting Rogue, who has copied his powers. He brags that nobody can stop him, but suddenly, Iceman emerges into the fight, which shocks Fuego, who thought he had melted him alive. Fuego is swiftly defeated.

Sangre, staggering into the helm room, admits that his weapons are powerless, but that he can destroy the mansion by simply cutting the engines and dropping the ship onto the mansion. The ship tilts, but Cannonball rushes to catch the ship and holding it up. The Sentinel Squad moves to support him.

In the helm room, Serafina confronts Sangre. He defends his actions by saying if the mansion is destroyed, the X-Men will stop fighting - but Serafina shoots him, revealing that she is Mystique in disguise. He expresses amusement that she would shot him when his power turns his body to water, and protects him from bullets... but Mystique explains that her bullets were thermite charges, which burn in water. Alerting all the X-Men to abandon ship, she jumps out the window as Sangre and the Conquistador explode behind her. Iceman swoops in to rescue her.

In the aftermath of the fight, there is consideration. The wreckage of the Conquistador hangs in the air over the lawn, suspended by the remains of its anti-gravity engines. The mutants wonder what they will do to it. Sabretooth congratulates Cannonball on his ruthlessness. Cyclops and Emma Frost salute Rogue for her leadership, but Rogue demurs, saying that her team is leaving the mansion on a series of missions.

In an epilogue, a voice in Ecuador mourns the death of Sangre and the destruction of the Conquistador. But it explains that Sangre anticipated such a loss, and sent the bulk of the Children of the Vault elsewhere. The ship was stocked with 3000 animal carcasses, altered to resemble posthuman remains when charred. Nobody knows they survived. Nobody knows they seek vengeance. And nobody, the voice vows as the view expands to encompass the surviving Children of the Vault, their transplanted equipment, and their new stronghold, the Wild Sentinel Factory once used by Cassandra Nova, will anticipate whatever they will do now...

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