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Quote1.png Give her some flowers from me, yeah? Nothing showy. Poison Ivy should send the right message. Quote2.png
Lady Mastermind

Appearing in "Condition Critical (Part 1)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed psychiatrist
  • Various Providence personnel



  • Strain 88


Synopsis for "Condition Critical (Part 1)"

The X-Men bring Rogue to Cable's island home, Providence, in the hopes of finding a cure for the Strain 88 infection. While various medics bring Rogue's body inside, Lady Mastermind seeks out one of the island's therapists. Suspecting that something alien has infected her subconscious, she (by way of her powers) convinces a doctor to place her under hypnosis.

On the Conquistador, Cannonball keeps a close eye on Sabretooth. He is able to keep him contained due to a nanotech strain implanted into Creed's body. Sabretooth coyly taunts Sam, reminding him that it is only a matter of time before his healing factor purges the unwanted technology from his body.

Back on the island, Iceman asks Mystique about her relationship with Rogue. Mystique lowers her emotional guard slightly, and tells Bobby how much Rogue means to her.

Lady Mastermind continues with her treatment. Although under hypnosis, her powers allow her the ability to interact with her own subconscious. She discovers that she has been infected with an alien parasite known as the Mummudrai. She manages to exorcise it from her body, but the Mummudrai latches on to another host – Mystique.

Cable recognizes that something is wrong, and brings his weapons to bear. He knows that the Mummudrai is a sentient energy lattice which can affect living organisms. Mystique/Mummadrai turns its powers against Cable and destroys his weaponry. The Mummudrai then declares that the Hecatomb is coming.


  • The cover erroneously titles this 'Red Data'.


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