Quote1 This attack cannot be ignored. Quote2
-- Magneto, to his Acolytes about an attack made on Avalon.

Appearing in "Dreams Fade (Fatal Attractions, Pt. 4)"

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Synopsis for "Dreams Fade (Fatal Attractions, Pt. 4)"

Magneto has gotten really out of hand. So out of hand, in fact, that Professor X decides to put him in a vegatative state mentally. He suceeds in doing this but not before Magneto rips out Wolverines admantium skeleton.


James Howlett (Earth-616) and Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 2 25 0001

Wolverine's Adamantium is removed

  • Part 4 of the Fatal Attractions event.
  • This cover featured a hologram card showing Gambit.

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