Quote1.png What -- father--? Daddy--?!! Are you--? This is impossible! You can't be dead! 'cause if you're dead, that means -- Quote2.png
-- Legion

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Synopsis for "Dreams Die!"

Legion goes back into the past to kill Magneto, but the X-Men follow him and fight him. In the present, the X-Men watch as their world comes to an end. Back in the past, Legion is just about to kill Magneto when Charles Xavier jumps in the way. Xavier dies instead, which changes the entire world. If he died, the X-Men would have never gone back in time to stop Legion, who would have never been born. Magneto is left with his dead friend, and Bishop is torn between timelines. The Apocalypse of the past sees a better chance to strike, and plans to. Back in the present, the crystallization wave hits and all teams of X-Men are slowly shattered.


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