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Appearing in "False Fronts"

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Synopsis for "False Fronts"

Jean Grey-Summers, while shopping for a dress, experiences a disconcerting series of encounters that reveal the inner thoughts of those around her. She overhears people's unfiltered judgments and biases toward her, highlighting the prejudice she faces as a mutant. Suddenly, she is transported to the Astral Plane where she confronts Onslaught, a powerful entity attempting to manipulate her emotions and perceptions. Onslaught challenges Jean's beliefs and offers her immense power, tempting her to join his cause. However, Jean resolutely resists, asserting her commitment to Xavier's dream and the values of compassion and empathy.

Meanwhile, Juggernaut struggles to convey crucial information to Archangel and Psylocke but a mental block is hinering him from speaking. Despite his efforts, he fails to communicate the impending danger, leaving the two X-Men unaware of the threat they are about to face soon.

Within Xavier's mind, Jean confronts repressed memories and discovers hidden truths about Xavier's feelings, including deeply buried emotions and secrets. One of them is that Xavier had romantic feeling for Jean when she was a young student at his school.

As the confrontation with Onslaught escalates, Jean becomes overwhelmed and is abruptly returned to reality, marked with the ominous word "Onslaught" across her forehead. The encounter leaves her shaken and uncertain of what lies ahead, as the looming threat of Onslaught's influence looms large over the X-Men.


  • Jean Grey learns that Professor Xavier once loved her. Discovering that the man who has served as a father figure since she was a child saw her in romantic terms horrifies her.
    • The incident occurred in X-Men #3, published in 1963. The single panel in which Xavier thinks of his love for Jean was not referenced again; readers assumed that it was a non-canonical depiction until this issue.

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