James Bradley (Earth-616) from Cable and X-Force Vol 1 1
Dr. Nemesis
I've isolated the coordinates for the dimensional gateway. This proved especially tricky as they exist at the crux of a spatial and temporal intersection. You'll let me know if I'm too fast for you.
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FF Vol 1 1 Marko Djurdjevic Variant Textless
Mr. Fantastic
I did discover unstable molecules.
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James Bradley (Earth-616) from Cable and X-Force Vol 1 1
Dr. Nemesis
Yeah. We're very impressed.
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Appearing in "Betrayal In The Bermuda Triangle (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • unnamed tribesmen
  • Kaddak (First appearance)


  • Unnamed dimension



  • Future Foundation submarine

Synopsis for "Betrayal In The Bermuda Triangle (Part 2)"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

GUEST-STARRING THE FF! The X-Men and the FF have gone through a portal in the Bermuda Triangle and are stuck in a strange land complete with Dinosaurs, Mayan Temples and strange snake people! It’s up to Reed Richards and Dr. Nemesis to get our crew back home, which isn’t the problem as they are two of the biggest brains in the Marvel U. The problem is that a portal to our world is exactly what the evil forces of this land want!

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X-Men Vol 3 17 Review by Peteparker

X-Men Vol 3 17 Review by Peteparker

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