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Quote1.png Okay then. We do this. You're all soldiers-- you know the faith I have in you-- but it's time to roll the dice. Because all-out war is simply not an option for us. So we're going to fetch that head. And we're going to get that body. And we're going to resurrect Dracula. Quote2.png
Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Appearing in "Curse of the Mutants (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Curse of the Mutants (Part 2)"

Wolverine and Colossus are attempting to track down a vampire to get some answers. They soon find him, but their quarry escapes, bursting out of the building into broad daylight, but doesn't burst into flames as expected. Attempts to catch him quickly prove to fail, as when Colossus threw Wolverine at the vampire, he accidentally hits a water tower, causing it to topple. They then have help from above, as Storm strikes the vampire down with lightning. The two X-Men continue their chase in the sewers, only to run into a whole flock of vampires. But this time, they have Blade to assist them. After capturing one vampire and determining that the amulet it was wearing was a type of tech to bend sun rays to protect it. When Blade was asked about Dracula, he says that that Lord of Vampires has been dead. And that means bad news.

Back at Utopia, Jubilee is slowly succumbing to the vampire virus she's infected with. And worse, she doesn't want to fight it.

Meanwhile, Xarus is observing the effects of the new virus, capable of making any who are infected come to willingly. He then elaborates on his plan to bring both vampires and mutants together and take over the world. His plan is currently coming to fruition, as Jubilee escapes.

Back at Utopia, Blade explains about Xarus, Dracula's son, and how he unified all the vampire sects. Madison Jeffries is able to calibrate Cerebra into detecting the vampire, which shows a significant number of them close to Utopia. Therefore, Cyclops makes the deciding to bring back Dracula if they are to have any hope of stopping this. Though Blade is opposed to bringing him back, the X-Men knows that it's all or nothing.

Meanwhile, Jubilee finds Xarus and allows herself to be bitten.

Solicit Synopsis

Upon discovering that San Francisco has been invaded by Dracula and his vampire army, the X-Men set out to find the evil and destroy it. But when Blade the Vampire Slayer shows up and drops a bombshell, the X-Men realize all of their assumptions have been wrong. Their only chance to survive hinges on a desperate plan which might prove their undoing.


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