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Quote1.png At last count, Cerebro calculated nine-thousand vampires in the bay area and a thousand within city limits, with more pouring in by the hour. Quote2.png
Madison Jeffries

Appearing in "Curse of the Mutants (Part 4)"

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  • Savage Night (Band)




Synopsis for "Curse of the Mutants (Part 4)"

With vampire activity in San Francisco escalating, Cyclops gives the order for the X-Men to tackle their foe, find out what their next move it. He has Blade teaming up with Angel, in taking down a few vampires at a rock-and-roll concert. The duo chase one survivor to her hideout, only to run into an entire warehouse full of bloodsuckers, forcing them to flee.

Meanwhile, Wolverine is experiencing the pleasures of being a vampire. Xarus' scientists confirm that Wolverine's healing factor hasn't rejected the conversion virus. Gleeing from his news, Xarus muses that turning the X-Men will be a piece of cake.

Back at Utopia, despite the takedowns, the X-Men are nowhere closer to discovering Xarus' plans. Therefore, Cyclops makes a direct call to Xarus, demanding that he leave the city. Xarus responds that both mutants and vampires have been persecuted by humans. He asks that both races join together, so that they can take over the world. However, Cyclops rebukes these sentiments and promises that he'll slaughter a whole lot of vampires. Undeterred, Xarus produces both Wolverine and Jubilee, who both try giving a sales pitch that vampirism is the best for everyone, which Cyclops doesn't buy. Wolverine then goes on to snap that he'll be coming for all of them. As the line cuts, the X-Men are shocked at what they saw. Emma asks Cyclops about Dracula and whether they brought him back to life for nothing. Cyclops answers that is still to be determined and tells everyone to prepare.

Xarus tells Wolverine to ensure that all the X-Men are turned. But Cyclops, he wants his head. Wolverine agrees, as the Vampire Nation rallies for war.

Solicit Synopsis

“CURSE OF THE MUTANTS,” PART 4 With thousands of vampires poised to attack Utopia, just waiting for the word from their leader, Xarus, the X-Men’s best hope for survival just might lie in a most unlikely new ally: the newly resurrected Dracula, who has more than a bone to pick with his traitorous son. But the problem cuts even deeper: The X-Men have lost one of their greatest warriors, fallen victim to a vampire bite. Brace yourself for Vampire Wolverine!

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