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Quote1.png When this is over, Slim, you me need to have a little talk. But right now...I want these bloodsuckers off our island! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Curse of the Mutants (Part Five)"

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  • unnamed priest




Synopsis for "Curse of the Mutants (Part Five)"

The Vampire Nation has gathered its forces for an assault on Utopia. Cyclops has prepared his defenses for this attack: only the literally tough skinned X-Men for combat, while the other remain inside the compound; Archangel has prepped himself for air defense; and Iceman is having his very body blessed by a priest, in an attempt to make it holy.

The battle then begins, as the vampires attempt to press onto Utopia, through land, air and sea. The ground and air forces stop, as Wolverine lands down, who plows through his former comrades. But Cyclops then presses the button on a remote Doctor Nemesis gave him, causes Wolverine to rear down in pain. It is revealed that before Wolverine went out on his hunt for Jubilee, he had his blood taken to see if his healing factor could counteract vampirism. But unknown to him, Nemesis has injected him with nanobots to shut down his healing factor, as Cyclops had anticipated that he might be bitten and turned, before they could reactivate it unexpectedly. Back to his normal self, Wolverine turns on the vampires, as the X-Men and Atlanteans push the bloodsuckers out. Wolverine then warns Xarus over the video that he'll be coming for him.

Unfazed, Xarus orders that a second wave be sent in. However, his aide informs him that they sent in all their available forces and it may take time for a new strike force to be organized. But Xarus would have none of it, declaring that he will take Utopia today, raise a flag over it, stand over Wolverine's bones and drink Cyclops' blood. Just then, Dracula walks in, reasserting himself as Lord of the Vampires. He grants amnesty to the other vampire sects for betraying him, all except Xarus.

Solicit Synopsis

“CURSE OF THE MUTANTS,” PART 5 The Vampire Nation’s army is unleashed on Utopia, with vampire Wolverine leading the charge – and, boy, does he have a bone to pick with Cyclops! Meanwhile, the newly resurrected Dracula is nowhere to be found. So why is Cyclops smiling?

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