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Quote1.png Emma, I need to believe that somewhere inside her is the Jubilee we know. That there must be some way to bring her out of the darkness. And God help us if I'm wrong. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Curse of the Mutants (Conclusion)"

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Synopsis for "Curse of the Mutants (Conclusion)"

With the sudden return of his father Dracula, Xarus tries ordering his minions to help him, but receives no support. While the X-Men storm his lair, Xarus decides to deal with his father himself. But this time, Dracula is more careful and repays the favour by ripping Xarus' head off.

It is then that the X-Men enter. Whereas Cyclops wants nothing more to do with the Vampire Nation, Blade doesn't see eye-to-eye with him and charges at Dracula, only to knocked unconscious with an optic blast. Cyclops then reminds Dracula of their previous, unspoken agreement. However, the Lord of Vampires muses that if his son was successful in uniting the vampire sects into one functional alliance, then perhaps he may finish what he started: conquer Utopia! Cyclops reminds him that before they reunited his head with his body, X-Club was studying it, meaning that he has a trick up his sleeve. After a short stare down, Dracula calls Cyclops' bluff, but nonetheless, decides to end hostilities with mutants. He even gives Jubilee back to them.

Back at Utopia, Jubilee is put in isolation. Blade believes that the only solution is to put her out of her misery. Wolverine warns him not to, prompting the vampire hunter to leave. While watching it on the monitor, Cyclops and Emma wonder if Jubilee can be cured.

Solicit Synopsis

“CURSE OF THE MUTANTS,” conclusion! Somehow, the X-Men have weathered the vampire raid on Utopia, but mutants can't claim total victory yet. Jubilee still needs the X-Men's help, and Xarus still commands an overwhelming force of bloodsuckers. Will Dracula's intervention be the final nail in Xarus's coffin...or will he make even more trouble for the X-Men than his upstart son ever could?

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