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Quote1.png Yes, we've all had our share of persecution, but we're fighters. We're strong. This youth and those like him are weak. And it's the sort of weakness predators can scent a mile away. It is the sort of weakness that makes its victims stew and fester in their own helplessness and rage. Until finally something like Columbine happens. Quote2.png
Emma Frost

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“TO SERVE AND PROTECT,” PART 2 After braving the lizard-creature infested sewers beneath Manhattan, Spider-Man reveals to the X-Men just exactly who they are up against. But this doesn't explain the rash of disappearances of outcast teenagers. Why have they vanished, and what do these kids have in common? The X-Men must use their best detective skills to discover the secret, but nothing prepares them–or Spider-Man–for the surprise villain who is pulling all the strings.

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