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Synopsis for "Primer, Part 2 of 3"

At the Jean Grey School lab, Arkea awakens in Omega Sentinel’s body and attacks Beast. She knows Sublime is in there and is seeking to destroy him. For that end, she activates the Danger Room’s security protocols and locks down the school. Rogue heads down to the labs to check the source of the security system hack.

Elsewhere Psylocke and Rachel cannot sense Jubilee's baby's mind. Rogue attacks Arkea. Omega Sentinel’s body tech makes it difficult to defeat her. Kitty and Storm join Psylocke and Rachel. Sublime explains to them that Arkea moves through technology. Storm orders Kitty to destroy every system in the school. Sublime says the only way to kill Arkea is to destroy the host body.

Back at the labs, Arkea has neutralized Rogue and downloaded all the data available. Upon analyzing the data, she’s worried about the one called Kitty Pryde since her powers are a threat to Omega Sentinel’s body. Kitty is reluctant about killing Karima, which gives Arkea the opportunity to conclude downloading the X-men’s database and fleeing. Back at the Hangar, the X-Men pinpoint Arkea over the Atlantic and are ready to pursue her. Jubilee asks to go with them, taking the baby as well. Storm agrees. Storm, Psylocke, Rachel, Sublime and Jubilee take the Blackbird, while Kitty stays at the school. Sublime reveals that Arkea was possessing the baby, and after she left it, his psyche was rebooted.

At the school, Kitty gathers the students to clean up the mess left by the invasion. Bling! finds a bomb about to go off.

Solicit Synopsis

• The school is on lockdown...but if the bad guys can’t get out, neither can the X-Men!

• John Sublime is back, but is one of the X-Men’s scariest villains not who we should be afraid of?

• Who or what is Arkea?

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