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Quote1 I know that risking everything we've built for a few lives doesn't work for all of you. I understand you don't have the luxury of thinking that way. I really do. But hearing you say it out loud... tasting it in my mouth... I find it unacceptable. So I do not accept it. You formed the Quiet Council to be the government of Krakoa. Well... the X-Men are its heroes. And we save those who need saving. Whatever the cost. Quote2

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 20"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 20"

On Krakoa, Cyclops and Jean Grey appear before the Quiet Council. They tell them of Cable's warning; that the Krakoans are losing, and that they need to prepare for war. Cyclops suggests that he put together a team, break their people on Otherworld free, and then close the gates behind them. Jean, Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde volunteer to go, but Sebastian Shaw raises a motion to strip any council member who goes on the mission of their seat, with the motivation that anyone who dies on Otherworld will be irrevocably altered in ways that may disrupt the council. The vote passes, and while Jean remains steadfast, she and Cyclops convince Nightcrawler and Kitty to stay behind. In another vote, the council decides not to hold the gates open while Cyclops and his team go through, opting instead to close them behind them to prevent the Amenthi forces from invading, should they lose.

Meanwhile, the final duel of the contest takes place between Apocalypse and Genesis. Genesis takes command of the fight and shatters Apocalypse's sword and asks him to yield, but he refuses and quickly gains the upper hand, grievously wounding Genesis. He refuses to kill her however, prompting Annihilation to re-assert control over Genesis and prepare to end the tournament once and for all.

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A great division. Bitter victories. Bitterer hearts.

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