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Synopsis for "Costumes On!"

Wearing a princess costume, Katie Power wanders through the woods looking for her older brother, Jack, who ambushes her as a costumed Wolverine. Katie sarcastically praises the originality of his costume, and Jack counters by insulting her princess costume, making her storm off angrily.

Later, the Power family arrives at the Halloween Spook-Tacular costume party. Julie Power joins her friends and Alex meets his girlfriend, Caitlin. Julie and her mother go to carve pumpkins, leaving only Jack and his father. Jack boasts that he is sure to win this year's costume contest, until he finds that almost everybody in the contest is wearing a Wolverine costume.

Katie tries comforting Jack, encouraging him to join the games, but Jack snaps at her, making her run away in tears. Alex and Julie console Jack, advising him to keep control of his temper. They go to the woods to find Katie so Jack can apologize.

In the woods, Katie thinks she sees Jack following her, and opens fire on him. However, the figure manages to dodge all of her power balls, and she discovers it is the real Wolverine. Elsewhere in the woods, Alex and Julie hear Katie's scream and decide to go investigate. Jack also hears the scream, but decides to look into a strange cracking noise.

Jack finds Sabretooth, who is looking for Wolverine. Jack taunts the villain, making Sabretooth charge at him, but Jack evades the attack by assuming his cloud-like form. Jack lands a glancing blow on Sabretooth by shrinking and growing back to regular size. However, Sabretooth grabs a hold of Jack's arm and threatens him.

Just then, Wolverine and the rest of Power Pack arrives. Sabretooth throws Jack to the side and attacks Wolverine. Energizer distracts the villain with her power ball attack, and Mass Master knocks Sabretooth into the air, and Lightspeed retrieves him so he can not escape. However, Sabretooth wakes up and charges at Mass Master, who once again assumes cloud form, this time letting Wolverine attack the villain with a deciding blow.

Wolverine attends the costume party, and explains to the Power kids how the Weapon X Program had sent him and Sabretooth into the woods. Jack wins the costume party for his authentic "battle damaged Wolverine" look.

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