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Synopsis for "Big Trouble at the Big Top!"

At Xaviers Institute, Nightcrawler receives a letter with bad news from his old circus friend Gunter. He rushes to the circus and finds Gunter, who has been hypnotized by the Ringmaster, leader of the Circus of Crime. The Ringmaster reveals the letter was a trap for Night crawler and hypnotizes him too, making him the new member of the circus.

The Power family is visiting the fair at which the circus of Crime has set up their tent. Katie however doesn't want to go in since she's afraid of Clowns, so Julie and Alex take her to get some popcorn while Dr. Power, Margaret and Jack go to the circus. Along with the rest of the audience, they fall victim to the Ringmasters hypnotism. When Alex, Katie and Julie finally come to join their parents, they see the circus members rob the audience and suit up to stop them. They manage to take away Ring Masters had and prevent Princess Python from harming the audience, but the tides turn against them when Ringmaster summons Nightcrawler to fight the heroes. Katie is able to use the ringmasters hat to undo the hypnotism and free Nightcrawler from Ringmasters' control. With Nightcrawler now on their side, Power Pack defeats the Circus of Crime and locks them away.

Nightcrawler seizes the opportunity to show the audience some of his acrobatics, while Jack learns to his dismay that he missed all the action.

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