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Synopsis for "Leader of the Pack"

The X-Men are fighting the Marauders. Power Pack tries to help them, but only ends up getting in the way and the Marauders beat the heroes. Alex in particular feels ashamed over this defeat since he considers the X-Men to be his heroes, and angrily retreats into his room.

While the other X-Men retreat to Xaviers institute, Cyclops decides to stay and investigate the incident further since he believes Mr. Sinister to be nearby. Julie meanwhile meats up with her boyfriend Greg, who reveals to her that he is an intern at a local laboratory. At Julie's request, he takes her to see the facility. Once inside, the two of them see the Marauders coming in, having taken Cyclops captive. Julie calls her siblings for help, but Alex is still unwilling to come, fearing he will screw up again. Unfortunately, Julie and Greg are found by Greg's boss, Dr. Essex, who turns out to be Mr. Sinister in disguise. Both of them are taken captive as well.

Realizing Julie is in trouble, Power Pack goes to the lab. With Alex questioning his leadership skills, Jack takes the lead, storming head first into battle with the Marauders. When Greg recognizes Power Pack as Julies siblings, Julie reveals her secret to him and joins her siblings in battle. Only when he sees Cyclops in danger does Alex snap out of his depression and takes back command over the team. He fees Cyclops, and together the five of them defeat the Marauders. Mr. Sinister actually congratulates Power Pack on their victory before teleporting himself and the Marauders away.

The X-Men come to pick up Cyclops, while Julie explains the origins of their powers to Greg. Before departing, Cyclops thanks Power Pack and states that they have a bright future ahead of them.


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