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Appearing in "First Encounter"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • D'Arnellian ships
  • Baron Karza's ships

Synopsis for "First Encounter"

The Micronauts led by Arcturus Rann have teamed up with Baron Karza and his fleet of spaceships to take on an unknown menace that threatens the existence of the Microverse. The Micronauts disembark from the Bioship to battle the D’Arnellians, a previously agrarian but suddenly and inexplicably hostile planet, while Baron Karza remains behind aboard the ship. Eventually they encounter the entity and he tells them that his destructive ambitions are merely for his own amusement as D’Arnel is destroyed with the snap of his fingers. The Entity captures the Micronauts while Baron Karza and the Bioship escape.

On Earth at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Kitty Pryde is busy complaining to Illyana about how strict Professor X is while the New Mutants are undergoing training in the Danger Room. Baron Karza suddenly appears and attacks Professor X and the New Mutants and they struggle to overcome his power but the X-Men come to their rescue and fight with Karza. Kitty Pryde arrives on the scene and attempts to help fight Karza by disrupting his circuitry using her phasing power but only succeeds and transferring his consciousness into her body, which Karza hopes to use to gain the advantage over the X-Men. Eventually, Bioship arrives and stops the fighting.

Afterwards, the X-Men view the change in Kitty’s demeanor with suspicion while the figure of Baron Karza, being controlled by Karza through mental commands, tells Professor X of the Entity threatening the Microverse and beseeches the X-Men for help. They agree and Bioship uses a beam to reduce their size so they’re able to board him to take them to the Microverse.

Solicit Synopsis

There's a threat to the existence of the Microverse that even the Micronauts can't handle! What force could be so deadly that our miniature superstars must ally with their hated nemesis Baron Karza to defeat it? And how does it involve the X-Men?


  • Background inks by Bryant and Orlando.[1]


Cannonball mentions that his sister has Micronauts toys but he does not specify which one of his sisters: Cissie, Elizabeth, Joelle, Melody, Paige or the other unnamed sister.

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