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Quote1.png But as far as this confrontation is concerned between the X-Men and the Hulk... In terms of how our youngsters behaved and how it ended... I actually believe in all the ways that truly matter... Logan won. Quote2.png
Ororo to Kurt

Appearing in "The Making of a Man"

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Synopsis for "The Making of a Man"

In the Adirondack Mountains, Storm and Nightcrawler arrive at a meeting place selected by Wolverine, who meets them there. He tells them that he wants to see what the younger, more inexperienced members are made of, so he's been setting up special trials for them, starting with Colossus. Storm, figuring that Logan has set it up so that Colossus will fight the Hulk, asks if this is a wise idea. Logan explains that it's more real than the Danger Room at Xavier's Mansion, and that he thinks both combatants will most likely be in no danger of harming each other, as Colossus' armor is practically impenetrable, and the Hulk is, well, the Hulk. Nightcrawler remarks that he's more worried that Colossus will harm Hulk, and Wolverine takes him on that bet, as he knows how powerful and strong the Hulk is, having fought the creature before.

Elsewhere, Colossus is hiking through the mountains, taking in the scenic views and beauty of his surroundings, as well as sketching the wildlife. He runs into Kitty Pride and Lockheed, and she tells him that they plan to join him on his hike. He welcomes their company, and the three begin to walk away, but suddenly, the Hulk sails through the air and crashes right on top of them. Colossus activates his armor, and attacks first, getting in a good right hook on the behemoth. Hulk tries to retaliate, but Colossus nimbly ducks under his blow and delivers a strong punch to the monster's gut. Hulk, who won't be taken by surprise again, gets a lucky shot in on Colossus. He recovers and attacks again, barraging his foe with a volley of punches. The Hulk finally catches his arm, and punches him, and he goes flying, landing in a nearby forest. Hulk jumps after Colossus, exclaiming that he attacked him first, and that he will smash Colossus for attacking him. Kitty tries to help the unconscious Colossus up, but Hulk catches up to them. Seeing that his opponent is unconscious, Hulk doesn't attack, saying to kitty that he doesn't fight girls. Lockheed swoops down from behind, and blasts Hulk with fire from his mouth, which burns Hulk to the point that it actually causes him pain. Seeing this, Lockheed continues to pour it on.

Meanwhile, Colossus recovers, and he and Kitty catch up to Lockheed, who is lying on the ground in a crumpled heap. Kitty begins crying, fearing for Lockheed's life, as the Hulk apparently hit him very hard. Colossus follows the trail, and finds Hulk trying to cool off in a pond, after being burned by the little dragon. He takes the opportunity and tackles the behemoth not the lake from behind, and the two begin fighting again. Colossus is able to incapacitate the Hulk with a sweep to the legs and a solid kick to the face, and he hauls the creature's unconscious form out of the lake, where he throws him onto some rocks. He observes Hulk, and wonders if the Hulk really was attacking them, or if the threat was just in his mind. At that moment the Hulk wakes up, and he angrily wallops Colossus, and the punch sends him flying, where he lands in a pool of quicksand. Hulk catches up, and after watching the X-Man flounder for a moment, he reaches in and pulls Colossus out, dropping him on the ground next to him. Realizing that his supposed enemy saved him, he shakes the Hulk's hand, as the creature is now decidedly less brainless than he had originally thought. The Hulk slowly begins changing back into Bruce Banner, and he introduces himself to Colossus, unaware of the battle that just occurred. Kitty and Storm catch up tot hem, with Lockheed, who is mostly unhurt from the hulk's attack. Colossus tells them to stand down, explaining that the Hulk is, in fact, a man, and that he currently has no one to care for him. He invites Bruce back to their home, and he eagerly accepts.

Later, Colossus and Kitty say their goodbyes to Bruce, and they discuss what Bruce's life must be like as the Hulk. Logan, Storm, and Nightcrawler approach them, and as Storm and Nightcrawler discuss their bet about Colossus' fight with the Hulk, Logan explains to Colossus that it was he who orchestrated the fight with Hulk. After finishing, he receives a punch in the face from Colossus.

Appearing in "The Mutants and the Monster"

Reprint of the 1st story from
X-Men #66The Mutants and the Monster

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  • US Army
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  • X-Men's Sentinel Ship

Synopsis for "The Mutants and the Monster"

Reprint of the 1st story from
X-Men #66The Mutants and the Monster

Having used his mental powers to save the world from an invasion from the deadly Z'nox race, Professor Xavier is on the brink of death and in a coma state. The X-Men mourn over the Professor's condition when Havok goes to comfort Lorna. This prompts Iceman to attack him out of jealousy for making a "move" on his girl. Before a fight can break out, Cyclops breaks it up, and both men are chastised by Lorna who tells them that the Professor's condition is more important than their rivalry for her affections. The two quarreling men then bury the hatchet for the sake of the others.

By this time, Beast has rigged up a machine that will probe the Professor's mind and allow a projection of the Professor's head tell them the thoughts that are on his mind. Doing so, the Professor can only say that he needs to find the Hulk before it's too late. Not wishing to harm the Professor with the device, they turn it off and have Marvel Girl probe the Professor's mind further to try and learn more, but all they can gleam is that the Hulk has some key to the Professor’s recovery. Cyclops realizes that it's probably the Hulk's alter ego, Bruce Banner, whom the Professor is referring too and the group decides to seek out the Hulk to try and get Banner's aid in saving the Professor's life.

While Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel and Beast go out to find the Hulk, Havok and Lorna decide to stay behind and watch the Professor, with the jealous Iceman also deciding to stay behind to keep an eye on Havok. The X-Men track down the Hulk who is currently on a rampage in Las Vegas. The X-Men engage the Hulk but Cyclops, Angel, and Beast's attacks on the jade giant prove ineffective. It's not until Jean unleashes a mental bolt on the Hulk that they have any effect on his rampage. The strain of the mental attack causes the Hulk to revert into Bruce Banner. Before the X-Men can get any answers out of Banner, Glenn Talbot arrives with the military and demands that the X-Men step aside and allow him to take Banner into custody. When Cyclops tries to explain that they need Banner's help to save Professor Xavier's life, the awakening Banner recalls that he has a Gamma-Ray powered device that can cure mental exhaustion and that the device is in one of his hidden desert labs.

However, unwilling to help out the X-Men, Talbot orders his troops forward and their advancement excites Bruce enough to cause him to transform into the Hulk once more. The Hulk then makes short work of a tank before jumping off to escape so that he can be alone. The X-Men and the military both split up to attack the Hulk. The X-Men's ship proves to be faster and they track the Hulk out into the Nevada desert. There they battle the monster, and in the wake of the battle, the Hulk inadvertently uncovers the hidden lab that his alter-ego was talking about.

Sending Angel in to recover the device, the other X-Men hold off the Hulk. The Hulk manages to overpower them, almost sending Cyclops and Marvel Girl for a nasty fall when he smashes the group open. They are saved by Beast and the group manages to make their escape. Returning to the X-Mansion, they are reunited with Havok, Lorna and Iceman for the moment of truth. Activating the device, the X-Men are pleasantly surprised to find it worked when the Professor awakens, completely cured of his affliction. With the crisis over, the Professor thanks his students for saving his life.

The X-Men's saga continues chronologically in the back-up story in X-Men Vol 2 94, which leads into the X-Men: The Hidden Years.

Solicit Synopsis

You’re Colossus, the steel-skinned X-Man who can dish out some serious hurt.

So when Wolverine wants to take you down a peg or two, who’s he gonna call?

If you’re thinking mean and green, you’re on the right track…

Join X-Legend Chris Claremont for a tutorial in pain you won’t forget!

Plus: a classic Claremont tale!

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