X-Men vs. Street Fighter
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X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Game Details
Release Date
September 9, 1996 (Arcade)
February 26, 1998 (PlayStation)
Up to 2 players simultaneously
ESRB: T (Teen) (Console ports only)
Arcade, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
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Marvel Super Heroes
(October 24, 1995)


Playable Characters:


Other Characters

  • Birdy (First appearance)
  • Forge (First appearance) (Appears in Storm's ending) (Cameo)
  • Acolytes (Cameo) (Appears in M. Bison's ending)
  • Angel (First appearance) (Cameo)
  • Beast (Cameo)
  • Psylocke (Cameo)
  • Shuma-Gorath (Cameo) (Appears in Storm's ending)
  • Unnamed Mutants






The X-Men team up with the Street Fighters to defeat Apocalypse.

Cyclops Vs. Apocalypse In Final Stage Of The Game X-Men Vs. Street Fighter.



Version 1 (960909 in Japan, 960910 outside of Japan)

  • Ryu and Akuma are able to recover from their hop kick in midair.
  • Ryu's Hurricane Super will push the opposing player down, allowing the player to recover.

Version 2 (961004)

The most common version found in arcades

  • Ryu and Akuma can not recover from their hop kick.
  • Ryu's Hurricane Super pushes the opposing player up rather than down.
  • Sabretooth's Jumping Infinite is now a bit more difficult to time.
  • Dhalsim is no longer able to do a Yoga Drill the instant he leaves the floor. He actually has to jump a small distance before the Drill will come out.

Version 3 (961023)

Capcom released this version in an attempt to remove all the Infinites they knew of.

  • Storm cannot use her Lightning Attack multiple times without landing between attacks.
  • Cyclops' aerial Fierce and Juggernaut's aerial Fierce and Roundhouse pushes the player straight down.
  • Wolverine's Drill Claw does not throw the opposing player across the screen.
  • Storm's Lightning Attack no longer causes enemies to fall on their backs, so she cannot hit enemies with all three hits one at a time (separately), thus eliminating her Lightning Attack Infinite.
  • Storm's Jumping Fierce, when used as an Air Combo Finisher, knocks her opponents in more of a downward arc rather than an outward arc, making her repeating Fierce-Roundhouse Air Combo not possible anymore (though an equally effective alternate combo exists).
  • Magneto can no longer throw the enemy upwards with his kick throws, preventing him from Air Throwing the enemy upwards and then Hyper Graving them on their way down.
  • Chun-Li's recovery period from her Senretsu Kyaku is no longer invincible (she can be hit during her delay, whereas before, everything would go right through her).
  • Dhalsim's Drills all now have a half second delay before they come out after the button is pushed. This delay was enough to eliminate his Drill Infinite Combo.
  • Dhalsim's Teleport Recovery is no longer vulnerable at the end, preventing all of the Dhalsim-only Combos from occurring.

Home Versions

  • X-Men vs. Street Fighter was ported to the Sega Saturn in 1997 and the Sony PlayStation in 1998.

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