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Quote1 It's working! Mass hypnosis is normally not so easy. Shoppers, thank heavens, tend to be very receptive. Quote2
Dr. Druid, while hypnotizing K-Mart shoppers

Appearing in "Justice for All!"

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Synopsis for "Justice for All!"

An asteroid came crashing down the United States but it was halted by the Avengers. It was later discovered that the asteroid is part of Magneto's former orbital headquarters, Asteroid M.[Continuity 1] Other parts of Asteroid M crashed in other parts of the world. It also crashed in Russia and the Soviet Super-Soldiers were able to contain the train accident caused by the Asteroid's magnetic properties. The Crimson Dynamo arrived later and assisted the Russian heroes. In addition to helping them, the Crimson Dynamo was also there to recruit them to help him bring Magneto to answer for his crime of sinking the Russian submarine, the Leningrad. (see Uncanny X-Men #150).

While the X-Men (Earth-616) were relaxing by the lake, Magneto heard from the radio about the asteriod's unusual magnetic properties and suspected that they are fragments of his former base. Without involving the X-Men, Magneto set out to find the largest chunk of his former base which was reported to have landed in Kampucia. The X-Men noticed his departure and set out to follow him and to take him down if he reverted to his criminal ways.

Upon arriving at Kampucia, Magneto found a chunk of Asteroid M at the bottom of the lake. He raised his former base using his magnetic power. He found his former helmet and set up bombs around the bases in order to destroy it completely. Magneto wanted to sink the debris so that the explosion would not cause any harm, but before he could do so, the Avengers were already there and inadvertently prevented Magneto from sinking it. Magneto attacked the Avengers but their new recruit Dr. Druid used his mental powers to stop Magneto. However, before the Avengers could properly secure Magneto, the Soviet Super-Soldiers arrived to take custody of Magneto and when the Avengers refused, the Soviets' attacked.


Continuity Notes[]

  1. Warlock accidentally destroyed Asteroid M while coming to Earth in New Mutants #21.

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