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Appearing in "Uneasy Allies"

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Synopsis for "Uneasy Allies"

Confronted by the Soviet Super-Soldiers, the Avengers battle on to prevent Magneto from being taken. The Soviets lose when Dr. Druid uses his powers of illusion on Darkstar to use her powers on her own teammates, believing them to be the Avengers. When she begins to see the truth, Dr. Druid captures her mind.

With the Soviets detained by Darkstar, the Avengers bring Magneto to their Quinjet, and the X-Men arrive to save Magneto from capture. A battle between the Avengers and X-Men ensues, but Magneto soon regains consciousness and warns both teams about the explosives in Asteroid M. Captain Marvel uses her abilities ton search for the explosives at lightspeed, but it proves to already be too late to stop its explosion. Magneto uses his mutant powers to shield both teams from the explosive debris. Magneto then leads the X-Men to their Blackbird and leaves the stunned Avengers behind. However, Magneto and his team are unaware that the Dr. Druid has sneaked onto the Blackbird.

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