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Quote1 Many would have died here today -- had it not been for the Avengers and the X-Men! Yes, the X-Men! We must have been mad to let you turn us against our fellow mutants! Quote2
Titanium Man

Appearing in "The Soviets Strike Back!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed captain and crew of Dutch freighter

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The Soviets Strike Back!"

The Soviet Super Soldiers, still trapped in the predicament from last issue, finally break free early, as Gremlin exits his armor and shakes Darkstar, releasing them from her powers. They all agree to go after Magneto once more, for his crimes long ago.

On the Blackbird, the X-Men are discuss things. Magneto remains quiet about all the things going on with the Asteroid. Druid, still in the jet believes he is hiding something, and Magneto seems to realize that Druid is actually there.

Druid then tries to make contact with the Avengers, before the X-Men attack him, as Magneto realized he was there. Rogue absorbs his powers and memories and tells them all that he didn't give away their location. All three teams then arrive in Singapore, after Druid awakens and alerts the Avengers.

Vanguard recognizes Havok in the streets, but is attacked by Wolverine before he can do anything. Rogue then absorbs his powers and memories and the entire X-Men team flees to a ship on the bay. There, Storm confronts Magneto.

The Soviets arrive at the ship and attack the X-Men, but during the battle, Crimson Dynamo purposely causes the ship to sink. The Avengers arrive, and all three teams assist in the evacuation of the boat. Crimson Dynamo's actions are revealed, and Magneto escapes once more.

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