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Quote1 I was so concerned with the effects my death would have on mutantkind -- I never once considered how much my freedom would enrage mankind -- would increase their hatred and fear of us! Will this set off the war that I feared -- and sound the death knell of all mutantkind?! What have I done? What have I done? Quote2

Appearing in "Day of Judgment!"

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Synopsis for "Day of Judgment!"

The Avengers barge into a Singapore office, demanding that they be given some sort of information on Mangeto. The government is tight-lipped, but the matter has become internation, so the Avengers demand they tell them. The leader is then called, and Magneto has been spotted. It is also revealed that the X-Men have turned themselves over.

Magneto is wandering the streets when someone recognizes him, causing something of a riot. He is found by three mutants, Crawler, Slider, and Leiko, who bring him to the Light. The Light finally trusts him that he is Magneto, and they all rejoice at his arrival, as they have been waiting for him. They are then attacked and Magneto helps them win, and then flees.

The X-Men, tired of waiting to be either prosocuted or not, escape the van and fly away with it to freedom. The Avengers then meet with Mr. Ronalds, who is angry that the Avengers will not go after the escaped X-Men.

Magneto is modifying his helmet with Leiko, when the Avengers finally confront the X-Men, revealing that they were following them to attempt to find Magneto's location. Magneto teleports all Avengers but Captain America away, and consults with them. He surrenders himself to the government.

Back at Xavier Mansion, Psylocke and Longshot watch the Magneto trial on television. The trial does not look to be going well on Magneto's side, and he is getting frustrated. It is revealed that Leiko and Slider were killed when Magneto was taken, and only Crawler lived form a riot attack. At the end of the issue, Magneto uses his helmet to set himself free from the trial, much to the people's anger.

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  1. According to the entry for "Mad" Jim Jaspers in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z hardcover Vol. 6, the James Jaspers seen here was not the Earth-616 version, as this issue took place after his death, but before his resurrection. The true identity and origin of the James Jaspers seen here is presently unknown.