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The X-Force Tower, later X-Static Tower, is an high-tech luxurious building located in Greater Los Angeles Area.

Points of Interest

  • Pool
  • Coed showers
  • Medical wing
  • Private mortuary
  • Living room
  • Private screening room
  • Virtual reality zone
  • Library
  • Bar
  • Private quarters for each member of the team




  • The tower's last renovations were done by the Santa Monica division of Freeman Construction.
  • All the bathrooms and showers in the X-Statix Tower have facilities specially designed for both Guy Smith and Venus Dee Milo's special needs.
  • The medical center is fully staffed with doctors specializing in treating mutants. Dr. Swaine, a colleague of Professor Charles Xavier, is often called in to consult.
  • The X-Statix Tower has its own mortuary. This allows for the team to conceal unfavorable body counts incurred during their missions (or unfavorable causes of death for X-Statix members who die outside of battle.) The mortuary was previously overseen by Senior Mortician Brad Gutman, but he was later terminated by Dead Girl for abusing the corpses.
  • Privacy is virtually non-existant in the X-Statix Tower, as the team's resident camera-wielding alien Doop is always watching (and one-time member Lacuna has a habit of sneaking in to catch gossip for her television show.)

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