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Synopsis for "Back from the Dead (Part 1)"

After several years of being dead, pop-star sensation Henrietta Hunter brings herself back to life by inhabiting a recently deceased corpse and transforming it to resemble her former self. Henrietta’s resurrection draws the immediate attention of the European government, which tries to quickly end her life again. Fortunately, due to the interest of Spike Freeman, the X-Statix are sent to the rescue and teleport Henrietta back to their HQ. Once there, Henrietta Hunter is confirmed to be a mutant, thanks to the tests of Professor Xavier, but, nonetheless, the team is not interested in making her a member. Trying to find a new place in the world, Henrietta begins a talk show circuit, which includes Lacuna on the Stars. As her re-found celebrity seems to be a threat to their plans, Europan powerbrokers, Reggie and Dicky, are discussing their options, when they are approached by Spike Freeman with a group of international assassin with stereotype-style powers called the Euro-Trash. In exchange to the media rights to the proceeding assassination, his team will kill Henrietta Hunter. Shortly thereafter, at the opening of the X-Statix megastore in Times Square, the Euro-Trash member called the Wall appears, kidnapping Henrietta. Tike is hesitant to rescue someone he doesn’t like but nonetheless orders the team into action when Spider-Man arrives. While he does not like Henrietta, no one steals X-Statix’s limelight.

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