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The group known as the X-Terminators consisted primarily of the young mutants rescued by X-Factor during their early career posing as mutant hunters. Their ranks included Rusty Collins, the young Artie Maddicks, runaway Boom-Boom, Mexican immigrant Rictor and former Morlocks Skids and Leech. When X-Factor revealed their mutant natures to the world, they feared for the children's safety, and also came to realize that things were not adequate at X-Factor headquarters to teach the students and so they were enrolled in private school.[1]

Rusty, would attempt to turn himself into the military to obey the law following his accidental burning of a prostitute and subsequent warrant out for his arrest.[2] Skids, Boom-Boom and Rictor would be enrolled in summer school at Philips Academy, while Artie, and Leech would be sent to St. Simons school, where they would make friends with wheelchair bound mutant Takashi Matsuya.[1] They would all soon be drawn together to try and prevent the demon N'Astirh from capturing 13 mutant babies that he needed to sacrifice in order to open a portal between Earth and Limbo, in a conflict that would be referred to as the Inferno. They would take on the name the "X-Terminators", naming themselves after the name that X-Factor used when operating as mutants during the time they were posing as mutant hunters.[3] Ultimately, the X-Terminators would teamed up with the New Mutants and help save the 13 captured babies and shut N'Astirh's portal in Manhattan.[4][5]

Following the end of Inferno, the X-Terminators would eventually disband when Artie, Leech, and Taki would return to St. Simons. Rusty, Skids, Boom-Boom and Rictor would then all join with the New Mutants, serving with the team for a time.[6][7]

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