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X-Treme Sanctions Executive was a proposal to recognize an X-Men squad created and led by Storm as a law-enforcement team tasked with dealing with mutant-related affairs.[43] Originally, Storm decided to create a splinter group of X-Men separated from the idealistic Professor Xavier and his Institute for believing that mutants should be integrated to humanity and its laws.[1] Eventually, the team was restructured as official Marshalls with global jurisdiction.[44] Following the decimation of mutantkind, Storm departed to deal with the crisis in Africa and the team lost its purpose and ceased its operations.[45]


Destiny's Diaries[]

Distrusting Professor Xavier or anyone else with knowledge of the future of mutantkind, Storm secretly gathered a squad of mutants to obtain the missing volumes of the prophetic diaries of the clairvoyant Destiny. To accompany her in her quest, she invited trusted allies, namely the loyal and strong Rogue, who was Destiny's foster daughter, the intelligent and charismatic Beast, the young and optimistic Thunderbird, the experienced and melancholic Psylocke, the authoritarian law enforcer Bishop and the enigmatic and dubious Sage. The group left the idealistic X-Men and the safety of their Xavier Institute to operate as a splinter X-Men team subjected to the laws of humanity.[12]

X-Treme X-Men Vol 1 1 Textless

Storm's X-Men start their quest for Destiny's Diaries

Another researcher on the future was the human warrior named Vargas. Having information about an upcoming and lethal encounter with Rogue, Vargas made his move against Storm's X-Men by anonymously providing the Spanish Guardia Civil with intel about the heroes' whereabouts in Valencia, the first stop of their quest. The X-Men were subdued and captured by the Spanish military, allowing Vargas to infiltrate their headquarters in order to strike at them.[1] While attempting to escape the labyrinthic base, the X-Men resisted armed soldiers. Rogue was intercepted by Vargas, and ultimately joined by her teammates Beast and Psylocke. Although Rogue survived unscathed, Vargas managed to brutalize Beast and slay Psylocke.[46] After Psylocke's funeral, the critically injured Beast returned to the X-Men living at the Xavier Institute[47] while Vargas demonstrated to be winning the race for acquiring the books.[11]

Alongside a recovered Beast, the X-Men helped a reptilian community of Saurids travel to the Savage Land, making targets of Brainchild and his Mutates.[17] Entrapped in a chaotic political situation in the Savage Land, the X-Men confronted Beast and Storm, who had mentally succumbed to the will of Brainchild and his mutate Lupa.[48] The X-Men defeated Brainchild, and the diverse tribes of the Savage Land gained a perspective of harmony without his influence.[49]

While studying Destiny's diaries to decide their next move, the X-Men learned that one of their allies, the thief Gambit, was accused of murdering the Australian crime-lord known as Viceroy. As most of the X-Men investigated the puzzling crime in Sydney, Rogue found Gambit being targeted by the organization known as the Triad.[34] While being tortured by one of the Triad's leaders, the Examiner, Rogue and Gambit were freed by a dissident, the warrior Red Lotus. Meanwhile, the other X-Men protected Viceroy's secret children and potential targets, the lifeguard Heather and the surfer Davis Cameron. When monitoring the whole ordeal, Sage was attacked by the actual assassins, her former boss in the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, and his associate, the illusionist Lady Mastermind.[10] Being attacked by the Triad, the X-Men Storm and Thunderbird learned Heather Cameron was a mutant herself and were able to escape the attack. Bishop teamed up with inspector Teri Baltimore to solve the murder. However, Rogue, Gambit and Red Lotus fell to Shaw and Mastermind.[50] In the end, with Heather Cameron's help as Lifeguard, Lady Mastermind was defeated. The Examiner was judged by the Triad for his activities thanks to Gambit's skills and influence as a criminal. However, as a powerful businessman, Shaw evaded the law in the form of Bishop and Baltimore.[14]

The X-Men then visited their former associate Gateway in the Australian Outback. Gateway was kidnapped by the nefarious Shadow King. Rogue was corrupted by the Shadow King, while the X-Men were attacked by Gateway's former captors, the cyborgs known as the Reavers. Rogue resisted the manipulations and broke Gateway free. With the Reavers handed over to the police, the X-Men acquired another volume of Destiny's diaries that was in possession of Gateway.[35]

Reunited with Gambit, the X-Men learned about his interest in the Madripoor Set, a collection of magic precious stones that could trigger a ritual in a temple in Madripoor. Since Storm owned one of the gems, the X-Men were attacked by the brutal Shaitan, who kidnapped Gambit to use him as a sacrifice lamb for the ritual. In order to follow him, Sage triggered Davis Cameron's latent mutant genes. As the teleporter Slipstream, Davis Cameron transported the X-Men to Madripoor. The X-Men were joined by the prince of Madripoor Viper, but were unable to stop Shaitan. The ritual cast a giant tower over the temple, allowing the passage of an extradimensional army.[16] Unbeknownst to the X-Men, they captured the invasion's leader, General Khan. After Khan was saved by Shaitan, he was able to capture Storm, whom he had become infatuated with.[36] With Storm locked up, Shaitan assumed her form to trick the X-Men. Meanwhile, they combated Khan's army in all way they could to prevent his conquer.[51]

The X-Men infiltrated the tower due to Lifeguard evolving into a Shi'ar royal creature. Meanwhile, Rogue attempted to protect Madripoor and free Gambit from Khan.[52] This turned her into a target for Vargas. Storm, as a hostage, was severely wounded by one of Khan's jealous concubines.[53] Even harmed, Storm led her X-Men to destroy Khan's tower and force an evacuation. Although victorious, the X-Men found Rogue and Gambit mortally wounded by Vargas.[54] Rogue momentarily recovered and slayed Vargas, avenging Psylocke and realizing that studying Destiny's diaries had only brought misery to those who pursued its secrets.[55] Celebrated as heroes for preventing the world from being conquered, the X-Men struggled to survive and recover from the attack, both Rogue and Gambit lost their mutant abilities in the process. Although they suffered no casualties, the team lost members. Slipstream chose to abandon the team as he could not recognize his sister in her new monstrous Shi'ar form.[19] Lifeguard left next in order to adapt to her new condition, being joined by Thunderbird. The powerless Rogue and Gambit also left,[9] moving to the mutant friendly community of Valle Soleada.[37]

Heroes of Humanity[]

In order to help with the recovery of a paraplegic Storm, Wolverine joined her team.[20] They became the interest of the tabloid Spotlight and were interviewed by correspondents Manoli Wetherell and Neal Conan. Spotlight's producer, Paul D'Antoni, wished to portray the X-Men as a threat to the world.[20] When attempting to reason with D'Antoni, Storm learned his show had been cancelled due to actions of the influential X-Man Archangel, head of one of Xavier's X-Corporation divisions. Storm exposed Archangel's secret actions to the public as a way to punish him for being a privileged outlaw.[37]

While Storm recovered, the X-Men soon found their new case when learning about a mutant murder in Anchorage. Bishop and Sage tracked down the main suspect, the pre-teenage teleporter Jeffrey Garrett, to the Xavier Institute. The Institute's headmistress Emma Frost sabotaged the investigation to protect the boy.[21] Frost was influenced by the real mastermind behind the murder, the mutant psychic predator Elias Bogan.[22] Storm and her X-Men took matters to their own hands by invading the Xavier Institute as an ideological schism ensued. Bogan used the virtual reality of the Danger Room to gain control over the X-Men and many of the Institute's students.[56] Storm and Frost called a truce to stop his attack. Though successful, they could not capture him.[57]

To expand her operations, Storm recruited the high-flying Cannonball.[13] Soon after, the X-Men learned about mutant-hater activist and leader of the Purifiers, Reverend William Stryker, escaping prison. When investigating the incident and being attacked by Purifiers, the X-Men learned about the involvement of the deadly cyborg Lady Deathstrike. In order to carry on his mission, Stryker and Deathstrike captured former X-Man Kitty Pryde.[8] However, Deathstrike's body was controlled by the mutant Reverend Paul from the mutant community of Mount Haven, who managed to capture Pryde and Stryker.[58] The X-Men invaded Mount Haven only to learn Reverend Paul used brainwashing technology to keep his community peaceful.[59] Moreover, by believing humans had no soul, Reverend Paul recklessly murdered them in his mutant town.[60] In fact, Reverend Paul was a faulty artificial intelligence. Pryde and the X-Men managed to overcome its influence, and Stryker decided to stay at Mount Haven to prevent Reverend Paul's nannites from escaping to other parts of the world.[61]

Storm had her X-Men turn their attention to Professor Xavier's X-Corporation as a mutant specific conglomerate that benefit mutant individuals. In Valle Soleada, home to Rogue and Gambit, X-Corporation directly sabotaged law actions involving human citizens that were either physically or financially victimized by mutants. The X-Men found themselves directly involved in a fight between the mutant gang known as the Spikes and a mutilated human survivor named Marie D'Ancanto.[7] Supported by the mutant-hating organization named Purity, D'Ancanto performer terrorist acts in Valle Soleada, but was offered help by the X-Men[24] by being legally represented by their lawyer Vange Whedon. Realizing mutant influence in Valle Soleada was unnatural, the X-Men investigated X-Corporation.[38] They were joined by Magma in their mission of seeking answers from X-Corporation director Roberto da Costa.[15] Da Costa helped the X-Men to ease tensions in Valle Soleada, which were revealed to have been escalated by Elias Bogan's psychic manipulations.[43]

Simultaneously, Storm got official recognition from politicians in the United Nations like Val Cooper and Alexei Vazhin for her team. In exchange for having her X-Men sanctioned,[62] she was tasked of targetting the slaver Tullamore Voge by herself under Vazhin's orders.[63] During her mission, Storm left her X-Men in Valle Soleada to deal with Bogan. His first victim was Bishop, who he tortured and mentally commanded to attack the X-Men.[64] Da Costa had some of his X-Corporation to help the X-Men in fighting back. However, most of the team was defeated. Another ally to the team during the war against Bogan was Kitty Pryde.[25] Sage, Rogue, Magma and Pryde freed their allies from Bogan and planned to finish him.[65] They gained advantaged after incapacitating Bogan's enslaved telepath, the former X-Man Rachel Summers.[26] Recovered and counting with the assistance of Storm and her friend Callisto, the X-Men made their final stand against Bogan, cleaning Valle Soleada from his influence.[27]

Global Marshalls[]

Storm formally announced her intentions of transforming the X-Men into the X-Treme Sanctions Executive, a.k.a. X.S.E., a paramilitary force responsible for policing relations between humans and mutants, similar to the Xavier Security Enforcers of an alternate future.[44] In between the transition, the X-Men were alerted by Rachel Summers about Kitty Pryde being haunted by the dark influence of her former nemesis Ogun. Storm had Lila Cheney teleport Wolverine and her X-Men to Pryde's flat in Chicago in order to take care of the situation. Simultaneously, Rachel Summers also identified that the anti-mutant organization Purity had been planning to elevate their activism. For the moment, Storm decided to focus on hunting Ogun.[40] Being psychically tormented by Ogun, the X-Men could not evade the actions of Purity, who had the super agents of the Galérer subdue them.[6] This allowed Alice Tremaine and the Wild Sentinel Scrap deactivate mutant powers in the area, seemingly murdering Pryde in the process.[41] Furious, Storm led the X-Men to strike back at their enemies.[3] As Sage was able to calm the Purity protesters down, Pryde survived in her intangible state and, alongside Storm, destroyed Scrap and restored the mutant abilities in the area. However, this allowed Ogun to possess it. By joining forces, the members of the X.S.E. defeated him and Rachel Summers destroy any traces of his existence. At peace, X.S.E. was ready to finally start their official operations.[66]

Storm had Bishop, Sage, Wolverine, Cannonball, Rachel Summers adopting the legacy of the Marvel Girl, and the warm-hearted Nightcrawler as the officers of her mutant police. They returned to the Xavier Institute, which was no longer run by Xavier, but by Cyclops and Emma Frost. The team was based at the Carriage House, a secluded and independent building on the grounds of the X-Mansion in which they had access to vast amounts of data to decide their missions. At the United Nations' behest, they had the law-enforcement responsibility of dealing with mutant-related crimes. Their missions were selected and monitored by Sage. During a mission, Storm, Bishop, Marvel Girl and Cannonball confronted the molesting Weaponeers of Achmed Al-Khalab in the Central Saharan Republic, who escaped after their prisoners were freed. Simultaneously, Nightcrawler and Wolverine supervised an incident regarding a volatile mutant teenager at a high school in Wade River, Washington, D.C.,[2] but were treated with hostility by the local police officers, tragically leading to the boy's demise. Warbird intervened to vouch for the X.S.E. and protect them from anti-mutant sentiment.[28]

For one of their missions, Sage instructed the team to contact Brian Braddock, the champion Captain Britain, at Braddock Manor. There, Bishop, Marvel Girl and Cannonball were easily subdued by the cybiote hero-killer known as the Fury.[28] Having access to the cybernetic sunglasses X.S.E. used for communications and intel, the Fury infected X.S.E.'s database with nanites and assimilated Sage. Taken over by the Fury, she proved a formidable threat to Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine at the Xavier Institute, until they were able to sever the connection established through the glasses.[67] Free from the mind control, the whole team met to the Braddock Manor, where the team combined their powersets to help Marvel Girl create a miniature black hole effect and defeat the Fury.[68] Around this period, Cannonball left the team to assist Cable and his X-Force against the creature Skornn.[69]

Before leaving the United Kingdom, the X.S.E. members were captured by Viper, who sought for revenge against the team due to the incidents that took place in Madripoor during Khan's invasion. She trapped the group in one of Arcade's Murderworlds, where Sage was apparently executed by Viper herself.[29] It was soon revealed that Wolverine had used an image inducer to take Sage's place for they had been aware of Viper's plans prior to the kidnapping. This incident led Sage to learn that Sebastian Shaw was reforming the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, since Viper was shown to have formed an association with Courtney Ross, the new White Queen. However, Sage kept the information a secret from her teammates.[30]

X.S.E. was informed of murder cases in the mutant neighborhood of District X. The wounds were seemingly attributed to Wolverine's claws. In their investigation, X.S.E. found out the killer to be a young girl who worked as a waitress in a local club and shared abilities with Wolverine.[31] In the ensuing fight, X.S.E. brought the attention of the criminal Bacchae, who were defeated. Wolverine was able to approach the girl, a clone of his designated X-23, who revealed to having been protecting her friends from violence caused by the Bacchae's attempt to control District X. In the end, X-23 was taken to the Xavier Institute.[4]

Following this incident, Sage accepted to return to the Hellfire Club and left the X-Men,[4] causing them to pursue her with Emma Frost's assistance.[70] Through Sage's machinations, Frost and Marvel Girl went to Ross and Viper in Hong Kong to dismantle a slaver operation inside the Hellfire Club. Meanwhile, by having Bishop track Shaw, Storm, Nightcrawler and Wolverine found Sage at the Hellfire Club Mansion. Sage had placed Roberto da Costa as the new Black King of the Hellfire Club. Before X.S.E. could decide on a position to take in these events, the obscene Donald Pierce intervened against them.[32] Pierce was defeated, but at the cost of Shaw's health, which had been predicted Sage all along for a coup attempt. She left the X.S.E. to advise and guide da Costa, the new Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Club, and her shady acts cost her the trust of her former teammates in the X.S.E.[71]

No More Mutant Police[]

Unexpectedly, the Guardia Civil informed Storm's team about Psylocke's resurrection at the site of her death. Soon after, when looking for a missing Wolverine, the group was kidnapped by the Hauk'ka to the Savage Land. Psylocke and X-23 went to their rescue. Marvel Girl was brainwashed into joining the Hauk'ka, cruelly fighting her teammates as a consequence.[72] The Hauk'ka attached Storm to a mechanism that tapped into her powers in order to freeze the world and obliterate life on it.[73] As the world succumbed to a brutal ice age, the X-Men freed Storm with Brainchild's help. However, the traitorous Brainchild tampered with Storm's genome in order to maintain the global freezing effect. Storm attempted to have X-23 finish her and stop the threat. Instead, the regretful Hauk'ka decided to stop the uncontrollable Storm to save the world.[74]

Back to the Xavier Institute, the X-Men had to cope with events concerning Wolverine succumbing to Hydra conditioning and Colossus returning from death. Weeks later, during a training sessions in the Danger Room, the X-Men were surprised by their missing allies Juggernaut and Nocturne who had been used as a beacon for the sorcerer Spiral and her lunatic master Mojo to teleport from Mojoworld.[5] Mojo tortured X.S.E. for the sake of entertainment by regressing them to childhood as X-Babies. Psylocke proved to be immune to his spell and helped the X-Babies oppose him. In the end, the X-Babies had the X-Men's help in defeating and arresting Mojo and Spiral.[75]

The pirate Weaponeers were still a problem to be dealt with, and X.S.E. came to stop them in the African country of Zanzibar. During the fight, however, they were caught in a reality-warping effect[76] caused by the Scarlet Witch, who reshaped existence into a world where mutants were dominant.[77] When confronted by the X-Men and the Avengers, she reverted the effect, but in the process, she reduced the mutant population to a small portion of what it had been, an event that became known as the M-Day.[78] Storm stayed in Africa, arguing with Cyclops that mutantkind should not be concentrated in just one place since the crisis was global. Her decision ultimately led to the dissolution of X-Treme Sanctions Executive, which had no place in a world with only some dozens of mutants. The former team has largely ceased its activities as law enforcement and concentrated on dealing with the damage from M-Day. Official and legal matters regarding mutantkind were supplanted by the O*N*E program.[45]



Formerly Sage's Network Cybernetic Sunglasses and bulletproof X-Uniforms.[1]



  • Named the "X-Treme X-Men" in recapitulation text and narration boxes since its conception,[1] Storm's splinter group was not referred to by such a name in-universe until X-Treme X-Men (Vol. 3) #4.
  • Though initially starring in the issues of the X-Treme X-Men comic book, the team's adventures have transferred to Uncanny X-Men following the 'ReLoad' initiative that had writers of the three main X-Men series switch books.


  • The Messiah War Sourcebook is formatted as logs written by Cable. In the X-Treme X-Men entry, Cable described that Storm had claimed the nickname "X-Treme" to be an inside joke made by Gambit. In turn, Gambit had blamed Rogue for coming up the name, which would be mere mockery.[79]
  • The acronym generated by the name "X-Treme Sanctions Executive", X.S.E., mirrors the police organization Bishop worked with in the future Xavier Security Enforcers. Bishop mentions the paradoxical nature of the coincidence and the inevitability of a mutant police being eventually instituted.[80]
  • X.S.E. is pronounced as "excess-y", potentially a wordplay with the authoritarian nature of police organizations.
  • Unlike the main X-Men team, Storm's X-Men often worked with local authorities even before being officers. Bishop served as liaison due to his status as an officer of the Australian federal police, and Sage often gathered intelligence for the team as a way to help them operate under the law.

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