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Synopsis for "Beachhead"

Shaitan wants Gambit to tell him where to find Khan, his missing leader, but Gambit tells him nothing. In the U.S., the Avengers analyze the invasion. In Madripoor, alien aircrafts are attacking the Air Force and the x-men help fight off the invaders. Viper kills all the captured aliens and Storm jumps on Khan to protect him from Viper. Rogue stops Viper and the X-Men escape. Storm informs Khan that not all people are like Viper. Shaitan and the alien troops find their executed men and they angrily kill many of Madripoor’s army in revenge. Shaitan finds the X-Men just as Khan thanks Storm for saving him. The X-Men split up and Viper attacks Khan but is defeated by him. Khan takes the injured Storm as he wants her to be his Queen.

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