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Quote1.png They stood alone, Rogue. Against the forces of fortune and fate. We are X-Men. We stand together. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Blindside"

The captured X-Men deal with everything that the Civil Guardia throws at them in their examining Maze, but they get separated. Rogue and Sage locate the base, and Rogue forcefully enters the ancient towers, only to find the scientists killed. She is then attacked by Vargas, who defeats her. Beast and Psylocke come to the scene, and again Vargas easily beats Hank, breaking many of his bones; only Psylocke is left standing. In the following battle Vargas kills her by running his sword though her gut. Vargas claims that she was only the first and leaves to let the rest of the team find their beaten comrades and PRONTO is written with Betsy’s blood. Last Comics Code Authority approved issue.

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