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Quote1.png Towns are notations on a map. Our goal is to build a community. Our brethren come in every form imaginable, with abilities to match. The learning curve can be exceptionally harsh. Imagine encompassing eons of evolution into the precious few months of adolescence. Quote2.png
Reverend Paul

Appearing in "God Loves, Man Kills II (Part 3): 600 Chariots"

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  • Garza family van

Synopsis for "God Loves, Man Kills II (Part 3): 600 Chariots"

The X-Men have to deal with Storm's power going out of control but the cause puts them on the trail of the captured Kitty Pryde; Kitty wakes up in Mount Haven, a city of mutants presided over by a nice, young minister, but she feels Stryker lurking behind every corner.

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