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Synopsis for "Hell To Pay!"

Following their battle with Vargas, Psylocke is really dead and Beast mortally wounded. The rest of the team searches the city all over, but can’t find the killer, who is neither mutant, nor superbeing, yet something more than human. To save the Beast from dying Tessa uses a never before seen power. She can perceive mutants' full potential and temporarily bring it forth. It strains her a lot, but she boost Hank McCoy’s healing factor so that he is able to survive his injuries. Later Psylocke’s coffin is brought to the airport to be flown to England. Storm also sends the Beast back to Westchester as he is too weak and would only be a liability. Unbeknownst to them, Vargas is watching them.


Elizabeth Braddock remains dead until her return in Uncanny X-Men #455.

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