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Quote1.png On 9/11, Mr. President, terrorist hijackers turned civilian airliners into weapons of mass destruction. Where mutants are concerned, that role can be played by a single individual. Like it or not, gentleman, battle line have already been drawn between mutants and humanity. Quote2.png
Dr. Valerie Cooper

Appearing in "Intifada (Part 1): This is the Way the World Ends"

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  • Sage's Motorcycle (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Intifada (Part 1): This is the Way the World Ends"

Marie's family is killed on a road trip by mutants; Gambit and Storm infiltrate a briefing on the dangers of mutants that Val Cooper is holding for the President and world leaders; Bishop and Sage combat a mutant gone out of control; Later the two hook up with a still powerless Rogue and meet Sam at a Lila Cheney concert; Marie crashes the concert with bombs strapped to her chest.


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