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Quote1.png Are you part of the problem, my dear... or the solution? Quote2.png
Colonel Alexei Vazhin

Appearing in "Intifada (Part 2): W.M.D."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Several unidentified residents of Valle Soleada
  • Valle Soleada Police Department
    • Unnamed officers
  • Unnamed Texan weatherman
  • President George W. Bush
  • Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • Several other unidentified politicians
  • Major Stanchek
  • Billy
  • Several other unidentified federal agents
  • Wolverine (Logan) (Mentioned)
  • Adele Massey (On-screen)
  • Rudy Soares (On-screen)
  • Jack Freestone's children (On-screen)
  • Marie D'Ancanto's brother (Only in flashback) (Deceased)
  • Marie D'Ancanto's mother (Only in flashback) (Deceased)
  • Marie D'Ancanto's father (Only in flashback) (Deceased)
  • Marie D'Ancanto's uncle (Vision)
  • X-Corporation (Only in flashback)

Races and Species:



  • A presidential helicopter

Synopsis for "Intifada (Part 2): W.M.D."

The X-Treme Team fights to save the crowd at Lila's concert from being blasted by Marie's suicide bombing; Storm and Gambit have an impromptu meeting with world leaders on the mutant issue; Marie tells her story of why she hates mutants and reveals that X-Corp is buying up property in Valle Soleada by pressuring non-mutants to sell.

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