Quote1.png Sorry to barge in without an invite. But y'know, Ah'm an impulsive kinda girl! Things are happenin' to my town that Ah don't like. In fact, they're just plain wrong! Now when Ah got a problem Ah like t' go to the source. Ah got questions, Mr. DaCosta, for you an' X-Corp... an Ah'm not leavin' 'til you give me some answers! Quote2.png
-- Rogue

Appearing in "Intifada (Part 4): Crossed Swords"

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  • Sage's Motorcycle

Synopsis for "Intifada (Part 4): Crossed Swords"

Amara arrives from New York and she and Sam go to visit Bobby; The mutants who killed Marie's parents are put on trial but get off scott free; Rogue crashes a party at Sunspot's house and confronts him on the shady dealings of X-Corp.

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