Quote1.png We are predators. That is the nature of our species. It is bred into our genes, our blood, our bones, our very soul. The urge to fight! The need to win! In the beginning, it was easy. We had to battle tooth and claw for our very survival. We fought the elements, rival predators... and ultimately, ourselves. Ad the philosopher Thomas Hobbes wrote, life was "nasty, brutish and short." But it could also be glorious. Then... we became civilized. The world, our societies, evolved. Yet the human species remained fundamentally the same. So we learned to sublimate our true nature -- as hunters, as warriors, as predators -- into every other aspect of our lives. Most of us became voyeurs. We watch others do what we dare only dream of. But for a fortunate, blessed few, that vicarious thrill isn't enough. They cannot abide the rules that seek to make the social order bearable. Such primal desires can only be satisfied... by equally primal COMBAT! And HERE is where they get the chance! An ARENA -- as it was in the days of old! Quote2.png
-- Masato Koga

Appearing in "Storm: The Arena (Part 1): Challenger"

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