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Quote1.png The X-Men are heroes. I'm a thief. Quote2.png
-- Gambit

Appearing in "Dreamtime Serenade"

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Synopsis for "Dreamtime Serenade"

From one of Gateway’s dreamtime visions, the X-Treme X-Men learn that Bishop is a descendant of Gateway. They look at a diary page, which pictures Gambit crucified with six pieces of jewelry and something growing out of his chest. Later the X-Men break into Destiny’s house only to find a crate with goodies prepared for them. One box looks like holding a diary, but it has been stolen by Vargas. At the same time Gambit breaks into Vargas‘ castle, but is captured and defeated. Yet he charms his way out of the situation and is allowed to leave, on the way out he steals a big diamond, which Vargas notices, but pretends not to. Later Gambit checks on the X-Treme team and finding them to be alright, leaves before being spotted.


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