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Quote1.png Both sides fear they're fighting for their survival. Many believe war between mutant and human isn't just inevitable, it's already begun. And yet... and yet... I also believe, with all my heart, this is the best of times. Because of our fellowship. Because of the dream that inspires us and which I pray will sustain us throughout dangerous days ahead. The world has no reason to trust us. And yet, they have. We have been offered the hardest job imaginable. To keep peace along the boundary between these two warring houses of humanity... until both sides learn that the only alternative to mutual annihilation is to learn to live together. We'll be hated, that's a given. We'll be called race-traitors, probably by both sides. We'll be targets. But someone has to stand up here now and be counted. Someone has to say, in clear and unmistakable terms, that Xavier's dream is still good. Someone has to stand for hope. There's a badge here for each of you. With great power comes great responsibility. Who will join me in shouldering it? Quote2.png

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  • Rogue's motorbike

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