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Synopsis for "Deadline"

The X-Men have a team meeting to decipher one of Destiny’s diaries. Through one of Sage’s fantastic inventions they learn what little they can about the book’s contents, including predictions of current catastrophic events. The X-Men also discover that Gambit’s wanted for the murder of crime lord called Viceroy. Bishop does some undercover work and the team investigates the scene of the crime.

They find clues to the murder and learn that Viceroy has two children, heirs to his criminal empire. Storm decides to locate them. Even though most of the evidence points to Gambit’s guilt, Rogue believes in his innocence. Since her teammates believe that Gambit could indeed be guilty, Rogue leaves them in anger to find clues on her own. She heads to Chinatown, where men are planning to kill Viceroy’s children and eliminate heirs to the criminal throne.

Rogue finds Gambit in a restaurant. Julius Gow, the restaurant’s owner, has his thugs attack the two of them and their powers are negated during the fight, so they seek shelter. When someone kills Gow and frames Gambit, Gow’s grandson the Red Lotus mistakes Rogue and Gambit for murderers. He defeats them both, leaving them in dire straits.


First appearances of Red Lotus & Examiner.

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