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Quote1.png I don't think so. My darling Tessa... you have no idea how eagerly I've looked forward to our reunion. And hearing firsthand both how and why you betrayed me. Quote2.png
Sebastian Shaw

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Synopsis for "Paradise Lost"

While Sage monitors their activities, the X-Treme team continues their investigation into the death of Miles Warbeck, otherwise known as Viceroy. Bishop delves into the nature of his killing, Rogue tries to clear the prime suspect, and Storm and Thunderbird protect the children of the deceased. Bishop hits a dead end when autopsy reports reveal nothing about the real killer. When he learns about the shooting death of another mob boss, Bishops heads toward the scene of the new crime.

Rogue and Gambit are captured and tortured by the Examiner while Red Lotus watches. Despite their pleas of innocence, the Examiner believes they were responsible for the death of even another crime boss, one of the Examiner’s associates. Rogue and Gambit manage to free themselves, but the Examiner escapes punishment.

Red Lotus starts to believe that they had nothing to do with any murders, but he still treats the X-Men harshly, forcing Rogue to knock him out. Rogue and Gambit leave to inform their teammates about their adventure, taking the unconscious Red Lotus with them. Storm and Thunderbird locate Viceroy’s children, the Cameron siblings, but evil forces are close behind.

Criminal gangs seek to destroy the Camerons and eliminate any heirs to Viceroy’s empire. Sage becomes a target as well when her old allies from the Hellfire Club reenter her life with a vengeance.


  • First appearances of Lifeguard & Slipstream, later X-Men; & Lady Mastermind, later villain.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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