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Appearing in "Getting Even!"

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  • Teri Baltimore's motorcycle

Synopsis for "Getting Even!"

Storm and Thunderbird save the Camerons’ lives by defeating assassins and Heather Cameron reveals herself as Lifeguard, a mutant with mysterious power. The Camerons learn the truth about Viceroy and their blood ties to the local criminal underworld. They decide to help the X-Men put an end to the death and destruction. While investigating another murder, Bishop meets an inspector and the two of them join forces to get to the bottom of this mess.

Sebastian Shaw and Lady Mastermind imprison Sage within an impressive illusion, intending to brainwash her back into the Hellfire Club. Rogue, Gambit, and Red Lotus return from their adventure, but Shaw and Lady Mastermind surprise them. The villains capture Rogue and force Gambit and Red Lotus to flee. Along with Sage, Shaw plans to brainwash Rogue into helping him become the leader of Australian crime. Once they’ve reached safety, Gambit and Red Lotus vow to save their friends and stop Shaw.


First appearance of Teri Baltimore.

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