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Quote1.png From the moment we met, you thought me cold and rude. And so I was. But like all of you, I was merely hiding a broken, mortal heart... of which I am now completely free. Quote2.png
Emmeline Frost-Summers

Appearing in "Xavier Must Die!: Part 3"

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  • Xavier and Magnus' Hover-car

Synopsis for "Xavier Must Die!: Part 3"

The X-Treme X-Men are saved by the arrival of this world's versions of Charles Xavier and Magnus. The newcomers explain that the gods are the capricious rulers of the world, destroying when they are angry, and have killed millions in Magnus' lifetime. Although it looks threatening, thanks to Kurt, the duo get away with Kurt, Howlett and Dazzler.

Xavier and Magnus take the newcomers to their settlement, this world's version of Utopia, which uses steam-driven psychic shields to protect its inhabitants. Within the city they find this world's versions of Reed Richards, with whom Kurt Waggoner uses his rudimentary technical knowledge to improve the city's infrastructure, and Hercules. This hits Howlett particularly hard, as he was close to his world's version of Hercules.

The local Xavier attempts to spy on Emmeline Frost and Charles Xavier's head, but the psychics catch him and send him back. Xavier then sends his followers to battle the gods, saying the psychics are evil and must be stopped. Before they march off, Hercules asks Dazzler to sing for he troops; she agrees to do so, and the result is clearly moving.

Just before the attack, Charles Xavier's head notes that something is amiss with the All-Mother, and begins psychically probing her. He is about to be killed by Thor for his impertinence; however, the Utopians' attack begins. This cover gives the head the space it needs to suss out the true culprit: the local Xavier. It seems the local Xavier has been manipulating the Gods, influencing them to be the monsters they are. Xavier justifies his decisions by pointing out that humans need struggle to become better, but Magnus points out that the Gods killed his family, and kills Xavier in a fi of rage.

Now freed of Xavier's suggestions, the All-Mother brings soothing rain to the world to heal it. She also offers the X-Treme X-Men a place in her pantheon, offering to boost their powers.

In the end, Emmeline accepts the offer. By the touch of the All-Mother, she is transformed, becoming a being of living diamond. Deprived of a member, the X-Tremes move on, one of the ten evil Xaviers defeated.

Solicit Synopsis

• Dazzler adjusts to life dimension hopping on the run. • When the Xavier farm warns of universe-destroying trouble, Howlett and Dazzler butt heads over leadership of the team. • And when a jump goes wrong, will the whole team make it to the next dimension?

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