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Quote1.png You're ready to save the Multiverse... because you know when you need to do the wrong thing. Quote2.png

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Dazzler informs Sage of their mission and asks her to use her telepathy to seek out their Xavier across the multiverse. Seventeen minutes later, they slip through a crack in the Universe and come upon a swarm of Brood inhabiting a giant Skywhale Xavier. A Brood inform the queen that the swarm is still hungry, and the Queen tells it that she senses another world through the breach that is rich, fat, stupid and defenseless since it lacks an Xavier : Earth-616.

Meanwhile, on Earth-616, Cyclops is awakened by a dream of Xavier and blasts through the tent he was sleeping on outside the shores of Utopia. Cyclops has returned to the ruins of Utopia in the hope that the Med Lab's data banks and genetic analysis equipment survived and would help him re-gain control of his powers. While going through the wreckage, he comes across Xavier. Suddenly a gang of Broods appear and incapacitate Cyclops, who is having problems controlling his optic blasts, and the Xavier examines his mind to determine if he did indeed kill Xavier. Cyclops is saved by Dazzler and the rest of the team treat Cyclops' wounds.

Dazzler says this reality gives her the creeps, since on her world, Cyclops would have no problem defeating Xavier and Utopia was whole. Kurt tells her about the war between the X-Men and Avengers and how five X-Men used the Phoenix Force to try and re-make the world. Cyclops wakes up and Dazzler asks him where this realities Xavier is, and Cyclops tells her that he killed him. Allison is explains their mission of killing Xaviers and asks him if his Xavier was evil. Just before he can respond, the Skywhale Xavier carrying the Brood arrives. The Brood Queen uses Xaviers powers to cloak herself and the Brood as they descend on San Francisco. Dazzlers team and Cyclops arrive to stop them. After receiving some intel from Cyclops, Howlett makes his way into the Skywhale and kills the Brood Queen.

Sage questions why the Queen didn't just explode their brains when they attacked, since this Xavier was insanely powerful, and the Xavier responds that this was a fact he tried very hard to hide from her. Although the Brood Queen controlled him, she had no psychic abilities of her own, and thus did not know how much damage she could have done. The Xavier asks for their help and Cyclops tells him that there are many healers in this world that can save him, but the Xavier asks them to kill him, since other Xaviers can sense him and that all healers will do is prolong his suffering and give other Xaviers a greater chance to find and claim his powers. Cyclops attempts to argue that there is another way, but Dazzler tells him that the Xavier made his choice before thanking him and ending his suffering.

Later, Dazzlers team prepares to depart and so does Cyclops. Cyclops asks her to stay, saying that things are different now but that he has heroes on his side and that they have resources. Dazzler tells him that she cannot stay since Sage has already detected an Xavier. Cyclops asks her if she knows that this is her world, and Dazzler responds that she does. Cyclops tells her that he always knew she was a hero, but that she is now a leader, since despite the fact that there probably was another way for the Skywhale, Dazzler knew that she needed to do the wrong thing to ensure everyones safety. He also tells her that he hopes she's more prepared to deal with the consequences than he was.

As they depart, Howlett asks her what's wrong, and Dazzler responds that she's just not a fan of this particular reality.

Solicit Synopsis

  • JUMP ON HERE! If you haven’t been reading, start here to find out what you’ve been missing!
  • Dazzler and her team find themselves in a war against the Brood...but the dimension they land in is a little too close to home.

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