Quote1.png Like my lightning a moment ago, mutants are everywhere. We can't be ignored. We're on your block, we're in your house, and we don't know our proper place in your society because we're too busy making our own. Look at the trouble just a few of us caused. Imagine the impact of millions. Before, hatred grew from ignorance. Today, those prejudices arise from a tangible foundation. Mutants used to fight for survival, a right to exist. Now, our survival is a done deal. Now it's your turn. But it shouldn't have to be a struggle. As I said before, I fight for this world because it's my home. But it's your home too. Our claims shouldn't be mutually exclusive. We're all children of Mother Earth, and we're all human beings. I made no distinction when I joined the X-Men. And I'm not about to change. Quote2.png
-- Storm

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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