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Early Life

Wolverine discovered through S.H.I.E.L.D. that Dr. Deborah Risman, working for HYDRA, has created a female clone of him. The clone possessed two retractable claws in each hand (instead of three like Wolverine) and one similarly retractable claw in each foot (something Wolverine lacks) the clone was identified only by the codename X23 - the first success after twenty-two failures.[citation needed]

Denied the life of a normal child, X23 was lonely. She had almost no companions and had been under observation her entire life. She had to spend most of her time training to hone her skills.[citation needed]


Angry, X23 decided to get revenge on Wolverine. She invaded the X-Men's mansion looking for him, and when she ran into the other X-Men, she was able to defeat them through stealth with little trouble. When Wolverine confronted her, he felt sorry for the girl, so instead of turning her over to S.H.I.E.L.D. like Nick Fury wanted, he let her go.[1]

Target X

Later, Wolverine encountered her again, finding her on the run from Hydra's agents as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. She allowed herself and Wolverine to be captured, with the intention of using this as a way into Hydra's mobile HQ. She succeeded in destroying the craft, faking her own death in the process.[2]

Ascension Part II

In Professor X's vision of the future, he saw that an adult X23 would one day join the X-Men.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Laura Kinney of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Laura Kinney of Earth-616.


Quote1.png I know I had to clone Wolverine and make her a little girl and she’s taken off. One of my best moments at Marvel, when I pitched that character to Joe Quesada, and he said for fifteen years people have been trying to crack that idea and I did it in a page and a half. Quote2.png
--Craig Kyle

X23 first appeared in X-Men: Evolution episode number 41 (titled "X23"), where she was voiced by Andrea Libman in said episode and by Brittney Irvin in episode "Target X".

Evolution producer Craig Kyle said the character came as he tried to make a younger Wolverine to fit the teen cast of the cartoon, but he felt no need to change the Logan that was already introduced there. Instead he came up with a mirror of Wolverine: instead of an old man with no memories lost of his life prior to becoming a living weapon, there was a young girl "shackled to the murders she’s committed" and whose entire life revolved around a Weapon X-like program.[4] Writer Christopher Yost then helped Kyle write the episodes that introduced her.[5]

The hair and skin color of X-23 resemble an 11-year-old Kyle's wife was nannying at the time, who the writer-producer made wear small claws and photographed as reference to the show's character designer.[6]


  • This character was originally created for the X-Men: Evolution universe (Earth-11052), but has since been a part of the main Marvel Universe.[7]
  • In the final episode of X-Men: Evolution, what appears to be an adult X23 was briefly shown as a future member of the X-Men in a vision by Professor Xavier.
  • Co-creator Craig Kyle has indicated that had this iteration of X-23's story continued under his direction she would have been revealed to be gay.[8]

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