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An anti-mutant extremist group
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In South Korea, an anti-mutant group meets and to prove that they do not have X-Gene they do a blood test to show that they are humans, what they didn't count on was that there was a spy within their group, Domino was sent to investigate this mysterious cult, but ends up being captured and becomes the target of their experiments that using grafts from her skin, send a squad to carry out a daring invasion of the mutant nation of Krakoa, where they carry out a massacre, taking the lives of many mutants including that of one of their main leaders, Charles Xavier.[1]

During the autopsy of the murderers' bodies, the mutants discover that they were not ordinary people, they were made in laboratory to be the perfect killers in search of more answers about the attack Wolverine and Quentin Quire go to South Korea where in a shed that belongs to the group, they find a factory set up to raise murderers and find Domino in a tank with half her skin ripped off.[2]

Wolverine, Domino and Quire manage to escape from the factory and in order not to leave any traces, the group explodes the deposit, destroying any evidence of its existence in it, they know that it is not over yet and they know that it will result in a war and they do not care why they go do anything to win, they will continue kidnapping mutants for their experiments to finally bring about the destruction of all mutants using whatever xenophobic means, the group calls itself XENO.[3]


The group's name is based on the word "Xenophobia".

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