This machine, developed by Doctor Doom, permanently increases one single natural ability of a person twelve times.[2] The machine operator selects exactly which attribute will be increased and to what level. The XZ-12 can only enhance an existing ability, such as giving super-speed to a professional runner or mind control powers to a hypnotist.[1]

The machine included several glass and steel capsules to place the subjects, and a computer console connected to these.[1] At least three subjects could be affected at the same time.[2]

Doom hid one XZ-12 in a secret laboratory in New York City[1] and used it to give powers to three convict criminals, Bull Brogin, Yogi Dakor and Harry Phillips (respectively increasing his strength, giving him a great fire resistance and increasing his senses), thus creating the Terrible Trio, to launch them against the Fantastic Four. They were defeated, although Doom had given them not only powers but also special equipment and a strategy.[2]

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